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Facing Your Fears After an Accident or Injury

Facing Your Fears After an Accident or Injury

Being in an accident and suffering an injury can leave you feeling scared. You might be frightened about returning to the scene of the accident or doing what you were doing at the time, whether it was driving or riding your bike. Shaking that fear can be tough, and you might be worried that you might never be able to get back to living your life like you did before. But it’s important not to let the fear overwhelm you and stop you from doing the things that you want to do. There are several steps that you can take to get over the fear you have.


Avoid Avoidance

When you have a problem, ignoring and avoiding it generally tends to make it worse. If you’re scared of something, avoidance will often only grow your fear, instead of helping you. The more you avoid confronting what scares you, the more you can build up the fear in your head. What you’re scared of in your mind and the reality of what might happen end up completely different. Confronting your fears can be difficult, but it’s an important way to address them. You need to replace your negative experiences with more positive ones.


Gradually Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is important, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it all at once. You can take a slow and steady approach to getting back to what you want to do. Doing things in stages and exposing yourself to your fear bit by bit can help you to build up to facing it for real. For example, if you’re scared to drive after an accident, you might start by simply sitting in your car. Then you might go for a very short drive around your block or somewhere you’re very familiar with.


Speak to a Therapist

Many people find that talking to someone about their fears can be very helpful. As well as sharing their worries with friends and family, they might discover that speaking to a professional works for them. If you’re unsure about how to afford it, an injury lawyer can help you in some circumstances. They could help you to get compensation if you had an accident that was due to someone else’s negligence. This could include car accidents, bike accidents or even something that happened while you were walking. The other party might be responsible for covering the costs your injury results in, including seeing a therapist. At Dr Julian we can provide therapy support quickly and conveniently through video link for more information take a look at 


Develop Coping Mechanisms

Even when you decide to confront your fear, it won’t necessarily go away quickly. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to have coping mechanisms that help you to get through it. When you feel scared, you can do things like take deep breaths, visualizing a happy place or taking a break when you need to. The right coping mechanisms help you to deal with the fear while you’re experiencing it.

If an accident leaves you feeling scared, it’s important to address the fear as soon as you can. Don’t let it fester or it will just get worse.

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Depression is now more common than obesity

Depression is now more common than obesity

How many times have you seen an article in the paper about the “obesity epidemic” in the UK? How many times have you turned on the TV and found another programme on how to lose weight? The media is obsessed with how weight affects our health and with reasonable motives. Obesity is rising not only in the UK but worldwide and the affect it’s having on our health is shocking.

However, what if I told you that depression is now diagnosed 10x more often than obesity? For the first time ever, records kept by GPs have shown exactly that. It’s the fastest growing health condition to date, but where is the media surge behind it? With 9.9% of patients being diagnosed with depression in the last year, what happens to these people and why are the numbers increasing?

Current treatment methods for depression include a combination of talking therapies and drugs, with 1 in 6 adults being prescribed an anti-depressant in 2017. However, despite studies strongly suggesting that the best line of treatment is use of anti-depressants WITH talking therapies, the demand is not yet being met. GPs are struggling to refer patients to talking therapy sessions as there simply isn’t the funding to do so. This has led to a pattern of reliance on drug based treatment as GPs have no alternative.

Clearly something isn’t working in the current system, resulting in millions of people going without the treatment they need. Something needs to be done about this. The NHS has promised that by 2021, 1.5 million people will have access to proper mental health support including talking therapies. We believe that the way to bring about this result is to embrace new technology like “Dr Julian” and utilise the ingenuity it provides.

If we gave mental health the same attention that we give the “obesity epidemic” then we would uncover a multitude of resources that could help millions of people. In short, let’s get talking about mental health. Let’s end the silence.


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Let's Look At What Could Be Impacting Your Mental Health

Let's Look At What Could Be Impacting Your Mental Health

It is believed that 1 in 4 people around the world have some form of mental health issue. Mental health is a challenging thing and often something that is overlooked when it comes to treatment. You might have noticed that recently your mental health has been declining and you can’t figure out why. Well, we’ve come up with a few reasons about why you may be experiencing issues with your mental health and why they would be impacting your life.


Stress is very common among people. It is now thought that the average school student has the same levels of anxiety as a 1950’s hospital patient. Obviously, this is not the kind of figure that we want. A lot of this is down to people placing too much pressure on themselves and too much pressure being placed on them from others. You might not notice how much stress you are under until you sit back and think of all the things that you have to do. It might not be big things, it can be small things that add up and become a whirlwind of responsibility.

If you are too stressed, this will negatively impact your mental health. You might even start to withdraw yourself from your everyday social interactions. One of the things that you can do to combat this is to try out yoga a couple of times per week and see if this improves how you are feeling.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be hard to live with. You might be one of the unlucky people who was born with some kind of pain. Long-term health conditions such as this can lead to a lot of unhappiness in people. Feeling like you cannot partake in certain activities due to your pain can cause a lot of problems for some people. It might lead to isolation and depression.

Or, your chronic pain might have been due to an injury that you sustained at work or somewhere while you were out. If this is the case, even though you cannot do anything to fix the pain, you might be entitled to a favorable settlement depending on where your injury happened. If you are interested in learning more about this, you should speak to a lawyer to see if you have a case.


Problems With Your Family

For a lot of people, your family is going to be your rock. The people that you lean on when things go south and the people that love and care for you no matter what. If this is the type of relationship that you have with your family and then something happens to make this relationship strained, you might start experiencing some issues with your mental health. It is very common for people who are estranged from or in far less contact with their family than they used to be to experience feelings of hurt, betrayal and like they are unloved.

If this is the case, one of the things you can do to try and help your mental health is to attempt to sort things out with your family. It might not be possible, but if it is, you might find that it really helps.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and have some more insight into things that might be impacting your mental health. 

We are here to help with our expert counsellors who can help support you with any issues you have, find out more on


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Unexpected Life Events That Could Spark Your Anxiety

Unexpected Life Events That Could Spark Your Anxiety

When you are living with anxiety it is something you have to battle through every single day. It’s like a tiny devil sitting on your shoulder every single day waiting for you to crumble. Having the bravery to go out everyday and live your life is something that you should be truly proud of and you never want your mental health problems to take over your life, because you are so much stronger than that. Sometimes things happen in life that are out of your control and you will have to dig deep inside yourself for strength. Here are a handful of unexpected events that might happen to you at any point in your future and how to deal with them as they arise.



When you are involved in an accident it can quickly spiral into further anxieties in your body. You need to find ways to turn the page in that chapter and gain the much needed closure you deserve. Hasner Law will be able to represent you and will allow you to move on with your life for the better. Don’t allow somebody to get away with it; you are strong enough to fight back and with the right support you will come out on top.


The Unknown

When you venture into the unknown it is so easy to crawl into your little shell and want to hide. Whether you have anxiety in social situations or you worry about getting a job around other people in the future, you have to push through this. Facing the unknown happens to everybody and you need to find the coping mechanisms that make you feel more comfortable every single day. Overthinking things in your mind will only make it worse, so try not to worry about things you don’t know enough about yet.


Money Troubles

When you are struggling for money it is an overwhelming feeling that can’t be helped by anyone. Make sure you aren’t suffering alone, as there will be someone out there who can help you get through your slump. Whether it’s a friend who can loan you some money or a family member who is willing to assist, there is never any good in staying quiet. Speak to somebody you trust and you will find a way out.


Close Family Death

When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one in your life, it can easily start to consume your entire life. You shouldn’t ever rush the process of grieving as it could take months or years to come to terms with the loss of a close family member. Speak to a qualified therapist who will be able to point you in the right direction and give you tried and tested coping strategies to work with.

Nobody should have to suffer with anxiety on a daily basis, it is a debilitating and overwhelming mental health issue that needs to be approached with caution. Speak to people you trust and always be open with your feelings. There will be someone on the end of the phone who can put a smile on your face whenever you are feeling blu

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Avoiding Mental Health Problems After an Injury

Avoiding Mental Health Problems After an Injury

Here’s the thing about mental health; it can take a downward turn pretty quickly. You could be on top of the world, but then one small incident takes place, and then you’re on your way down – that is, if you’re not careful. Take an injury. If you’ve built your life around being an active, energetic person, then it could come as a rude surprise to find yourself holed up at home, nursing an injury. Make no mistake: you need to take steps to make sure your mental health stays strong. Below, we take a look at how you can do this.

Accepting What Happened

Accidents happen. Sometimes, there’s no accounting for them, they’re just one of those things that transpire throughout your life. Of course, that’s easy to think when you’re fit and healthy. But when you’re stuck at home, bored, it’s easy to replay the event over and over again, even if it wasn’t your fault. You can’t undo the past, you really can’t, all you can do is accept and try to move forward. So don’t lose yourself in your memory of the incident, which probably isn’t all that reliable anyway.


Getting Justice

Of course, you can accept what happened to you, but it’ll be difficult to move on if you feel like justice hasn’t been served. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you could be sitting around, silently angry that the person who caused you this distress is out living their life as normal, while you’re in pain. That’ll lead to resentment and bitterness. Instead, look at how to hire help after injury, fight your case, and get the compensation you deserve. You’re not alone in your fight to defend your rights. If you’ve been wrong, the law will prevail.


Avoiding Bad Habits

When you’ve been active all the time, doing things, then it can be a bit disconcerting to find yourself stuck inside for weeks on end. However, it’s important to remember that this time will pass, and when it does, you don’t want to be burdened with a bunch of bad habits that are hard to shift. For example, if you’ve spent your time sitting around, eating unhealthily, or otherwise just getting drawn into something that isn’t good for you in the long-term, then you might emerge on the other side of your injury as a different person.


Talk It Out

You might have always been a strong person, but now you’re in a weak spot, and there’s no harm in admitting such. In fact, everything will be much more straightforward for you if you don’t try to conceal your vulnerability, and instead talk it out. If you’re struggling with the mental side of your injury, then reach out to a friend or family member. No-one’s going to think less of you!

Positive Attitude

Finally, remember there’s much power in having a positive attitude. If you believe things will get better, then they usually do – keep an optimistic mindset about your situation, it’ll help massively.


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Footprints, Finalists and Forbes

Footprints, Finalists and Forbes

October has been a big month for us here at Dr Julian. We’re proud to announce that Dr Julian won the ACW Award, Start-Up Pitch Competition at the Medics Footprints Backers Summit. It’s a huge achievement and one that we’re very excited about. Our platform is all about helping people and to even be nominated for an award is extremely humbling.


In addition to this, Dr Julian has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Digital Start up of the Year Award at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2018. The competition had hundreds of applicants over 20 award categories. We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted and we look forward to the upcoming event. Judging this year is President of techUK and chair of Digital Leaders, Jacqueline de Rojas. Commenting on the DEAs, de Rojas said: “It is quite simply a privilege to judge the technologies and innovators at the frontier of change.” It means so to be nominated for an award that’s associated with such high esteem. We hope to be the frontier of change mentioned by Jaqueline de Rojas, and to do what’s needed to bring about a better system of care.


17th October 2018 also marked an important day for us here at Dr Julian, with Forbes including us in their online article about use of technology in medicine. It’s an honour to be recognised by such a celebrated organisation and we appreciate their support. Mental health is important and we strive to do everything that we can to help those who need it and to change the way that mental health is viewed. We’d like to thank Forbes for helping to get our message out there as we continue to make mental health care more accessible.


If you would like to read the article for yourself, follow the link below:


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Discover Whether You Could Have A Hidden Injury

Do you ever wonder about what’s going on inside your body? While you might think you are healthy, with so many reports of dangerous diseases and people dying with virtually no warning it can make you seemingly paranoid about whether there is an issue that you’re just not aware of. Well, while it’s unlikely that you have a serious health condition, it is possible that you have a hidden injury. Left untreated this could impact your quality of life. Or, it could even put your life at risk. So, what are the signs that something is wrong in your body?


Trusting Your Senses

One of the most common signs of an injury that has been undiscovered is an issue with the senses. For instance, if you have a problem hearing, it’s likely that you might be experiencing hearing loss or an issue related to a physical symptom such as wax blocking the ear-canal. But did you know, that an issue with your hearing can also be neurological? It’s true, a problem hearing can be the first warning sign of a neurological condition that may need immediate treatment.

It’s not just your hearing either. If you notice any changes to any of your senses whether it be touch, sight, smell, taste or hearing, you should definitely book an appointment with a doctor. It’s quite possible that there’s more to it than you first think.


Not As Lazy As You Think

Or perhaps as of late, you have found yourself struggling to stay awake. This could once again be a neurological issue and may even be the sign of a traumatic brain injury. This can develop after trauma that has impacted the brain, and you might not even realize it. Perhaps you fell and hit your head. While you felt fine, the injury may have left significant damage. Find out more about this type of injury if you have noticed changes to your levels of energy, particularly if you have recently been involved in an accident. You might need to see a doctor.

A Question Of Pain

You might find that you are, occasionally, experiencing a slight pain somewhere in your body. A natural reaction would be to shake this off or ignore it as another quirk of your body. However, it is important to pay particular attention to the area of that pain. Think about whether you have ever experienced any trauma or had an injury in that area. This could have been a while ago, and it can be years before an injury starts to show painful symptoms. If you do think this might be caused by an old injury, contact a doctor. They should be able to examine your body and figure out what’s going wrong.

A common example of this would be a pain in your lower back that develops after years of lifting heavy items the wrong way.

These are just some of the common signs that you do have an undiscovered injury that may need treatment. If in doubt and something seems strange to do get checked out. It’s often better to be safer than sorry.


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Understanding the Basics of Med Malpractice

We all use medical facilities and come into contact with medical professionals at some point or another in our lives. Whether this is a general practitioner, a local nurse, a pharmacist when collecting prescriptions, a member of the A&E department, a radiologist, a surgeon… the list goes on and on. These individuals are endowed with the responsibility of consulting us when we are unwell or injured, diagnosing problems, and rectifying situations. Most of the time, our experience with them will be positive. Sure, we may not meet with them in the most fortunate of circumstances. But they will do their utmost to improve our individual condition. Every now and then, however, our experiences with medical staff will not be all that they are supposed to be. It is important that you understand these situations and know how to deal with these situations, so that you can take the right course of action should you find yourself in them. Here’s everything you need to know on the subject!

Potential Problems

When we talk about issues with how medical professionals have treated us, we can generally file complaints into one of two different categories – medical malpractice and medical negligence. Here’s how to distinguish between them!

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a situation that occurs when a medical professional fails to provide you with the care that they are well aware that you need. There is always an element of intent in medical malpractice cases. If a doctor knows that you need certain care, treatment, or medication, and consciously does not provide you with this, you need to take action, as the consequences of such behaviour could be dangerous or even fatal. If you believe that you have suffered from medical malpractice, you may need to file a malpractice suit.


Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is no less serious than medical malpractice. You could still suffer negative consequences should it occur to you. However, there is no intent in medical negligence. It is moreso a situation where a medical professional makes a mistake or does not pursue the right course of action for a patient.


What Action Should You Take?

As we have briefly mentioned, individuals who have suffered from med malpractice or medical negligence should seek legal help. This will help to cover any costs that develop as a result of a doctor’s bad decisions or mistakes. It could also provide you with sufficient funds to take time off work to recover properly. What’s more? Seeking legal action will help to assure that similar wrongdoing or mistakes don’t occur to anyone else in the future!

We really don’t talk about medical malpractice all too much, so hopefully the above information will help to guide you in the right direction should you ever find yourself in receipt of inadequate healthcare. Keep it in the back of your mind at all times!

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