Month: October 2022

The Best Ways You Can Support Your Staff In The Months Ahead

Every business owner knows how important the wellbeing of their staff is to the ongoing success of their company. If you have run your own company over the last couple of years, you will understand that it has not always been easy to make sure that you are looking after everyone. But as challenging as the last couple of years have been, it certainly looks like it is going to be even more difficult. Your employees will be worrying about the rising energy bills, not to mention inflation everywhere they look. There is only so much that you will be able to do when it comes to the economy, but there are steps that you can take to ensure that you are looking after your staff and their mental health.


This is going to be crucial for a number of reasons. The first is ensuring that they are happy and healthy, and able to function to the best of their abilities. But you also need to consider that if employees do not feel their boss has their best interests at heart, they may look for work elsewhere. Smooth sailing is going to be very important in the weeks and months ahead, so here are a few ways that you can give your staff a little more support.


Make It Easier For Them To Raise Issues

One of the easiest ways for staff to feel like they are not being supported or appreciated is if they feel like they are not being heard. When businesses started working from home, a lot of the more established methods of communication were lost or altered. You need to make sure that it is easy for your employees to reach you if they need to, even if they cannot simply pop into the HR office to raise a problem. Think about talking to them about what would make them feel more comfortable, whether it is with a dedicated channel or a regular meeting.


Consider Your Employees Who Do Not Have English As A First Language

Communication is absolutely vital for the smooth running of any business, but there are always going to be some updates that are more important than others. Your employees who are either non-native English speakers or who work outside of the United Kingdom will be every bit as aware of the challenges that businesses are facing here right now, and you need to ensure that they feel like they are being considered. If you are working on a major update for your business or are thinking about changing employee benefits or contracts to support them better, it would send a reassuring message if you paid to have them translated properly. This will demonstrate how much you value your employees, as well as making sure that nothing can be misinterpreted. If you are looking for an experienced translation company that works with businesses, contact the team at Rosetta Translation. They meet industry-leading standards and have expertise in a wide range of sectors.


Make Mental Health Support A Priority

Every business owner will have seen the multitude of news stories about mental health in the workplace and burnout over the last couple of years. As we head into what is sure to be a very difficult winter, it is so important that you continue to factor in your employees’ mental wellbeing. Now, it can be a tricky subject to discuss with your staff, as many of them may feel uncomfortable disclosing information about this issue with a manager. However, you can stress the importance of taking mental health days when they are needed, and lead by example by being open about your own experiences. You should also think about whether you could include mental health support in your employee benefits package.


Provide Them With Room To Grow

One of the biggest workplace stories of the last twelve months was the so-called Great Resignation. A lot of people decided that the time had come to leave their jobs, and one of the most significant reasons behind this was that they did not feel like there was room to progress, or that they did not feel appreciated. Given that every business will be looking at how they can trim their costs in the months ahead, there has never been a better time to think about how you can train your employees to progress and move into new roles with new responsibilities. Think about the areas where your company will need the most help, and the areas that you would like to expand into. It would make more sense to pay to train an employee than to invest in new members of personnel, and you would have the benefit of demonstrating to your employees that they are a part of your company’s future.

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