Why Does Your Business Need Support?

Once an issue kept behind closed doors, mental health is now discussed openly at work but this can have little or no impact on solving the problem.

On the face of it the statistics are frightening with last years “Business in the Community” Mental Health at Work Report revealing that 60% of employees have experienced a mental health issue during their career. Other reports suggest that at any given time 25% of staff are experiencing a mental health issue.

There is strong evidence that work is good for health, however sometimes your staff will need some extra help and support as work related stress and living with long-term health conditions can impact on their functioning and fulfilment at work.

When someone is off sick with a broken arm or flu they will recover over time but the same cannot be said about mental health issues which become more entrenched the longer they are left untreated. An acute stress issue can all too easily evolve into depression leading to one off absences and ultimately  long term sick.

Mental Health has become an increasing focus for businesses and no wonder with £42 Billion lost to UK businesses due to time off work from mental health issues last year.

Whilst the average number of days taken off sick by employees in the UK is 4.3 days for those with work related stress, depression or anxiety it is 23.8 days. (Labour Force Survey and Health and Safety Executive 2017)

The wages cost to you, the employer, for those absent through mental health issues can range between £1,100 and £1,500 per employee (Deloittes) in the private sector and considerably more in the public sector.


The total cost to your business however is not solely their absence because it has been calculated that for every £1,000 of absence cost to a business, only 33% is down to the actual absence with 58% due to “presenteeism” and 9% the cost of replacing staff. (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health). So the real costs can range between £3,300 and £4,500.

The NHS receive in excess of 1.25 Million referrals for mental health issues every year but only 500,000 go through a full course of treatment. From research it is clear that this is only a proportion of those with issues. So potentially 5 out of every 100 of your workers has a mental health issue affecting their work that could respond to early recognition and treatment. Do you know who they are and are they receiving help?

Research clearly shows the benefits of addressing mental health issues for your workers by having a mental health programme and such programmes can provide you with a pay-back of between four and eight times your investment. (Mental Health Foundation)

If you are managing, or responsible, for the health and wellbeing of your staff and need help in improving their mental health we can assist you and at the same time generate a positive financial benefit for the business as well.

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