Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for University/College Students

As parents do you have concerns about the pressures of University life on your child?

Are you worried that Stress, Self Harm, Addiction and Suicide are increasing at Universities?

Can you be certain that your child would let you know if they were experiencing problems and needed help?

Are you confident that the NHS or the University can respond promptly to cries for help and provide instant access to counselling?


A prepaid package of one hour video or instantaneous text counselling sessions available throughout your child’s time at College/University.

Access to qualified and experienced counsellors/psychotherapists during the day, evenings and weekends on phones, tablets and computers.

Students select their own therapist using a series of filters to ensure the best match.

A secure web account based service with simple registration and access to anxiety and stress tests for continuous monitoring of mental health.

On completion of your child’s College/University course any unused sessions are refunded. (Subject to a £35 administration fee).



100% assurance that your child can have access to prompt and confidential treatment without worry.

Both the NHS and Universities struggle to provide fast access to those needing help with mental health issues.

It has been shown that the earlier help is given with mental health problems the quicker the recovery.

What you buy can only be used for counselling sessions.

A Confidential arrangement between Dr Julian and your child retaining patient/counsellor confidentiality.

You send your child off to University in the knowledge that prompt help is available whenever they need it.



You buy a package of 4,6 or 8 sessions, and we provide your child with registration and access details.

A £35 registration fee is payable.

Further packages can be bought at any time or individual sessions purchased as required by either you

How to Apply


Please email for an application form