Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can give you and your partner the time to explore what is and what isn’t working in your relationship, how to communicate better, resolve conflicts and face difficult feelings you may have towards each other.

It may be a daunting prospect to air negative feelings about your relationship in front of a stranger especially if one of you is more reluctant to seek help than the other. However your therapist has no pre-conceived judgments or opinions on you as individuals or a couple. They are trained to listen to both sides of the story and give you approaches to talk and listen to each other better and can help decide what you both want in the future. Whether you are attending this therapy to try and end a relationship as healthily as possible or to overcome your issues you will come away with a better understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship dynamics.

Note: At the moment we cannot cater for clients coming in from different video sources. If you are both able to be together for the session via one video screen then we can offer couples therapy. Equally, some of our therapists are trained as couple therapists, and if your issue is a couple’s one, you might want to select one of these therapists for your individual therapy.