Family therapy focusses of family relationships and is often practised in a family setting where there are conflicts, external factors, individual differences and communication difficulties causing a strain on relationships in the family unit.

It’s typically a solution-focused, short-term approach which looks at the complex pattern of social relationships. It works from the premise that a problem lies within the family as a whole, rather than with a single person within the family unit. The focus is on how families interact together, emphasising the importance of a functioning family unit for psychological health and wellbeing.

Therapists aim to strengthen the family unit by exploring the problem in a different light. They encourage empathy and understanding of each member’s individual difficulties and needs and build on strengths to ultimately cultivate change within the group. Typical issues family therapists may work with include: parent-child conflicts, separation, unemployment, illness or death within the family and child behavioural issues.

Note: We are not currently offering Family Therapy on the Dr Julian platform as we cannot cater for groups coming in from different video sources. However, some of our therapists are trained as family therapists, and if your issue is a family one, you might want to select one of these therapists for your individual therapy.