Group analysis, a longer term therapy, is based on psychoanalytic principles and understanding with the exploration of interpersonal functioning in a social context.

The aim is to achieve a healthier integration of the individual in his or her network of relationships, i.e. within the family, the community and socially. Group analysis focuses on the relationships within the group. Group analysis views the group as an organic entity, within which the role of the therapist is to hold the group rather than take an active participatory role. The group becomes a dynamic entity of its own, and functions within a socio-cultural context that in turn influences the process.

Note: We are not currently offering Group Analysis on the Dr Julian platform as we cannot cater for groups coming in from different video sources. However, some of our therapists are trained as family therapists, and if your issue is a family one, you might want to select one of these therapists for your individual therapy.