Psychodynamic Therapy

Like psychoanalytic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, usually a medium to long term therapy, aims to bring the unconscious mind into the consciousness through the therapeutic relationship.

By reviewing your thoughts, belief systems and emotions you will begin to make sense of recurring patterns, explore ways to avoid painful feelings and discover how early life memories (childhood relationships with parents for example) have built defence mechanisms (such as projections, denial and repression) as a way to help you deal with situations. This is an appropriate therapy if you have long term issues that relate to your past and want to get to the root of the problem. Whilst this can be a lengthy process you will develop positive strategies that can give long lasting changes to your life. It is particularly effective in depression, anxiety, anger and social isolation.   The therapist is trained to keep his own personality out of the picture, in essence becoming a blank canvas onto which the client can transfer and project deep feelings about themselves, parents and other significant players in their life, with the focus on the dynamics between the client and the therapist.