Abuse and Neglect


Abuse and neglect can occur anywhere perhaps in your own home or a public place. The person causing the harm could be a stranger but more often than not you’ll know and feel safe with them. They could be in a position of trust and power, for instance a healthcare professional, neighbour or relative.

There are different forms: 

Sexual abuse includes: Rape, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, inappropriate looking or touching, sexual teasing, sexual photography, being forced into doing or watching sexual acts.

Physical abuse includes: Being hit/ hurt/ slapped/ pushed, being denied food/water, medicine misuse, not attending to your personal needs.

Psychological abuse includes: Emotional abuse, threatening to hurt/ abandon you, humiliating/ bulling you.

Domestic abuse: Pattern of controlling, coercive, threatening or violent behaviour by someone who is or has been an intimate partner or family member.

Discriminatory abuse: Unfair treatment or harassment relating to someone’s gender, race, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Financial abuse: Someone may be stealing money or valuables from you. This could be someone appointed to look after your money on your behalf who is inappropriately coercing you into spending it in a way with which you are not comfortable.

If you feel you are being abused there is help available. Don’t worry about making a fuss, it’s important to speak to someone you trust. Friends/ care workers may have an understanding of the situation and could take steps to quickly improve the situation. If they are unable to help speak to a professional such as your GP, your local councils adult safeguarding coordinator, the police or consider counselling.

The psychological trauma associated with abuse and neglect can be vast and we at Dr Julian are here to help with our expert therapists who specialise in this area. They will be able to talk to you through ways of managing the distress caused by the situation and help you get back to living a normal life.