Nervous Breakdown

What is Nervous Breakdown?

A nervous or mental breakdown refers to a sudden acute, but ultimately time-limited crisis in your mental health which results in you being unable to carry on with your everyday life. There is no exact path to having a nervous breakdown but it can be triggered by events such as a difficult life circumstance (e.g. relationship breakup, bankruptcy, bereavement and many others).

There is no exact route to recovery with, for some, it lasting only a few days but others much longer. However with the right help you will be able to get back on track and rebuild your life again.

Ways you can treat a Nervous Breakdown

Counselling is the best approach for achieving recovery from a nervous breakdown. A counsellor will be able to help you to get to the heart of what is causing you stress in a warm and understanding environment as well as helping you to find coping mechanisms that work for you.

They can also help you focus your mind on coping strategies using mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

If you or anyone you know could be suffering from a nervous breakdown the sooner help is sought the better and faster the recovery.