Psychosexual Issues


Psychosexual issues encompass the sexual problems that are psychological in origin rather than physical. They can arise due to a guilty conscience, nervousness, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, depression, abuse, physical/emotional trauma and so on. Relationship aspects, like power, trust or anger at partner and lack of commitment to a partner can also lead to issues.

Symptoms can be categorised into sexual dysfunction, paraphilia’s and sexual perversions.

Dysfunction is a sexual problem characterised by decreased arousal, desire or orgasm and a lack of enjoyment of sex. It can also cause pain during sex.

Paraphilia’s are where the individual has a sexual preference that does not follow the normal standards of society such as fetishism (preference for objects), thoughts of paedophilia, zoophia or necrophilia.

Sexual perversions are where an individual is aroused by acts such as exhibitionism (displaying genitals in public places), voyeurism (witnessing others sexual acts), sadism (inflicting pain on others) and masochism (inducing pain to ones self).

We at Dr Julian can help with all these issues with our specialist counsellors and psychologists. They will be able to talk you through your feelings in a non-judgemental way and help you through them. Whether it be getting your sex life back on track or dealing with concerning feelings we are here to help.