Relationship Difficulties


Relationships are a very meaningful part of our lives, which can give us a great deal of happiness. Strong connections with our family, friends and work colleagues allow us to function at our best and can be an important source of advice, love, guidance and support.

However supportive fulfilling relationships don’t always come automatically and require a great deal of social skills, time and energy to stay strong. Sometimes for whatever reason our most meaningful connections can breakdown which lead us to feel isolated and unsure of ourselves.

Relationships may not meet our expectations, which can impact our happiness and life satisfaction. They may be one sided and if both parties are not seen as equal difficulties can occur. Others may crave companionship but find this difficult to achieve.

There is help available whatever the relationship issue whether it is with your partner, family member, work colleague or friend. At Dr Julian we offer relationship counselling where you can talk through your concerns, needs and explore what you want from your relationships. Speaking to a professional can allow you to learn about yourself whilst receiving the guidance you may need to get back on track.