Sometimes the struggles of life can just become too much and we may have thoughts of harming ourselves. Sometimes we harm ourselves because something else feels wrong and it seems like it’s the only way to let those feelings out. It is very common in young people with 10% of 15-16 year olds self-harming. Self-harming is usually the result of another problem and can happen if you are feeling anxious, depressed, stressed or bullied and do not feel there is any another way of dealing with these issues.

In more severe forms of depression and other mental health issues we may consider thoughts of suicide as life does not feel worth living anymore.

If you or anyone you know experiences these thoughts or self-harms, it is important to speak to someone. Our crisis page gives information of organisations and help lines you can contact.

At Dr Julian we have therapists specialising in dealing with those who have thoughts of suicide and self harming behaviour. Counselling can help to delve deeper into the issues causing you to self harm and find ways of managing this as well as treating your underling issue.