The Christmas period is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time to spend with family and friends. However, as Grinch-like as this may sound, it can actually prove to be one of the most hazardous times of the year for your health. The massive array of foods, the constant string of parties, and even your own loved ones can all pose a risk to your mental and physical wellbeing. If you want to make it to New Year in one piece, then you need to learn to help yourself. With that in mind, here are ten holiday health risks you should watch out for and how to manage them.

Decorating Accidents

The Christmas period doesn’t really start to feel festive until you put up your decorations. However, as beautiful as your lights and streamers may be, hanging them can be quite dangerous. In fact, thousands of people are injured every single year from falling while doing it. To keep yourself safe, you should make sure that any ladders you use are on level ground and that you don’t overreach. You should also avoid drinking before doing this, even if it is Christmas.

Christmas Trees

Unfortunately, it’s not just climbing that can cause problems throughout the festivities. Your Christmas tree can also be an issue, especially if it happens to catch fire. To prevent this, you should opt for a flame-resistant artificial tree, rather than a real one. If you do this, you’ll need to remember that your tree isn’t real and stop yourself from watering it. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s a mistake many people make each year, often resulting in an electrical fire.

Poisonous Plants

Mistletoe, pine cones, holly, and other vibrant, festive plants are often viewed as an integral part of the Christmas season. However, if you plan to have pets or small children around your home at all throughout this time, then it’s better that they’re not there. Although many use these plans as decoration, they are highly toxic to animals and little ones, even in small amounts. If you really wanted to add these to your winter decor, then look for artificial alternatives instead.

Food Poisoning

Cooking a huge meal, like Christmas dinner, for a big group of people can pose a challenge, which is evident in the large number of cases of food poisoning throughout December and January. To keep yourself and your guests healthy, you should take extra care when preparing seafood, eggs, meat, and, of course, poultry, and use separate chopping boards so that bacteria doesn’t spread. You should also cook your food properly and avoid leaving leftovers out.

Winter Weight

We all like to overindulge a little over Christmas, which leads many of us to enter the New Year with some winter weight. While this won’t cause many issues if you burn it back off again, left as it is, it can cause a number of health problems, including stress, high cholesterol, and more. To combat this, you should stick to your workout routine and consider remedies for your increased cholesterol, like these herbs. To avoid it completely, you should learn to control your portions.

Unknown Allergies

Christmas tends to come with a string of parties, all with new and exciting dishes for you to try out. As great as it is to experience new foods, it can also be quite dangerous if you discover an allergy that you weren’t aware of. For this reason, you should consider taking a food allergy test before the first party rolls around. This way, if you are allergic to anything, you’ll know about it, and can avoid any specific foods or ingredients that could cause you harm.

Choking Hazards

With most people gorging down on plate after plate of tasty treats, it should be no surprise that choking becomes a major risk during Christmas time. With that in mind, you should be more aware when you eat and make a habit of taking smaller bites. You should also chew slowly and carefully and avoid being distracted or talking with your mouth full. High-risk foods, like boiled sweets, hot dogs, and grapes should be eaten even more carefully than you normally would.

Family Stress

Stress can be a major problem throughout the holidays, as many people tend to overcommit themselves or agree to spend time with people they don’t particularly like. While small amounts of stress shouldn’t cause you too much worry, when it becomes constant, it can trigger other health problems. Thankfully, it is possible to have a stress-free Christmas. You just need to focus on the things that really matter, forget about timings, and ask for help when you need it.

Holiday Shopping

If your family and friends don’t cause you stress themselves, shopping for their gifts is sure to, especially if you spend more than you can afford. Actually going to the store can also cause problems, like back pain and exhaustion from walking and carrying bags all day. If money is your issue this Christmas, then try cutting down your shopping list or making the gifts yourself. To keep yourself from tiring out, you should take regular breaks or just shop for everything online.

Sleep Problems

Combined with the parties, shopping, and travel, the weird mixture of stress and excitement can keep anyone up over Christmas. The problem with this is that it can lead to many dangerous issues, including weight gain, lower immunity, and higher stress. It can also increase your risk of accidents and depression. Because of this, you need to make sleep a priority, by creating and sticking to a nighttime routine. You should also manage your stress to make sleep easier.

Christmas may be a magical time, but it’s also one full of risks, many of which can seriously impact your health. No one wants to be sick or injured throughout the festive period, but, to avoid this, you need to consider and manage the hazards around you. Hopefully, with the information and advice above, this is something you can now do.

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