As humans, throughout our lifetime there are many different things which may tempt us and lead us astray from our good habits. It could be a piece of cake when you are on a diet, the lure of a cigarette, or turning off your alarm and calling in sick to work: but all of these things can be bad for us. Today we are going to have a chat about how we can resist the urges and temptations we may face in life in simple ways, to allow us to stay in control at all times.


Understand the threat

The main thing you need to do if you want to avoid falling fowl to temptation is to recognise the trigger. If you can do this you have made the first step in beating the issue because you have identified the problem and realised that there is one. For example let’s say you have a little bit of a heroin withdrawal, if you see someone on TV smoking this might trigger you, and this is what you need to be aware of going forward.


Remove yourself

The best way for you to get away from temptation and not give into it is to remove yourself from its reach entirely. For example if you know that you are on a diet and someone has brought a load of cakes into work for the staff, go for a walk at lunch instead of sitting in the kitchen where the cakes are on full display. It is always better for you to get away if you will give in and this will help you stay strong.


Be honest

If you are struggling with something and you need help to stay away from it, don’t keep it to yourself. If you are trying to stay away from certain foods or drinks, tell the people around you and they will be able to keep these things away from you to help you not give into your temptation. It is a smart move and when you have people around you who know the issue; they can step in and take action for you.


Distract yourself

Don’t let yourself stay sitting at home doing nothing all the time because sooner or later you will end up thinking about your temptations and you may want to give into them. If you feel like you are starting to crave something, get out of the house or start cleaning, anything to distract your mind and your body for a while. It is a small step but it is incredibly useful.


Think of the consequences

One of the ways which you can stop yourself giving into a bad habit is to think about what would happen in the future if you did give in. If you keep eating fatty foods you will never lose weight, if you keep calling in sick for work you will likely lose your job… there are many things to consider and things which you need to do to make sure that you stay on track.

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