If you’ve ever suffered from dry skin, you know just how annoying, frustrating and inconvenient it can be. It can impact everything from how your makeup goes on, how your hair looks, and this can cause a big dent in your self esteem.

Winter time can be especially tough on the skin, so if your skin is particularly sensitive when it comes to the seasonal changes that winter can bring, then you’ll need to take some extra precautions to ensure your skin is getting all the hydration it needs during these harsh months.

Even people who have otherwise normal or combination skin the rest of the year can find winter to be a whole other ball game when it comes to their skin.

In this post we want to share with you some really simple, yet effective ways to keep your skin supple, healthy, and glowing during the winter months.


Maintain A Good Diet:

Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with the odd takeaway or fast food, it shouldn’t be something that’s a regular occurrence in your diet – especially not where your skin is concerned. Too much unhealthy food will cause breakouts and certainly isn’t providing your body, your skin, or your mind with the nutrients they need, so if you want to do your skin a favor this winter, then you need to get plenty of foods and drinks in your diet that will keep you healthy and hydrated. Aside from the recommended daily amount of water, things such as cucumber, pomegranates, coconut water, and melon are all great for your skin, as are fatty fish, avocados and nuts such as cashews and peanuts.


Get Your Sweat On:

Whether it’s going for a morning run, getting in a good workout at the gym, or even sweating it out in a sauna, sweating is a natural detoxification process that helps clear out pores to unclog them of any dirt and germs or toxins, so sweating on a regular basis is actually a great thing for your skin that will keep it maintaining that summer glow.


Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize:

Of course, one main key to maintaining great skin is to have a good skincare routine that you practice daily, but in winter this may have to be even more intensive than what you usually do to keep your skin in good shape. Of course it always depends on your skin type which products you use, but typically if you’re dealing with dry skin during the winter, then things like coconut oil will work wonders, and if you don’t fancy applying pure coconut oil to your face, then creams containing nut butters such as shea, almond and coconut will definitely help you see a big improvement.


Get Fresh Air:

As much as it can be tempting to lock yourself indoors over winter and hybernate until spring, it can actually do your mind, body, and skin more damage than good. Whilst you may not be seeing much of the sun in order to get your Vitamin D, the fresh air and exercise alone can do your skin so much good.  Staying indoors, especially with central heating systems that dry out the air, will basically have the same effect on your skin.

We hope this post has helped you find some useful things you can implement in order to keep your skin fresh and healthy during the winter. However, it’s important to know that if you do suffer from major skin problems, such as psoriasis, excema, or acne, then you should speak to a doctor or dermatologist who will be able to administer the correct treatments for you, or refer you to places like Inspire Psoriasis support group for more support.

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