Step 1

Log in to the Dr Julian website using this link and sign in using your email address and secure password.


Step 2



Step 3


Previously used Therapists will show up at the top of the Therapist list. For consistency in treatment we recommend using the same Therapist for your ongoing care.


Step 4

Select your Therapist.


Step 5

Book your Appointment.

If the therapist has available appointment(s) showing on their calendar, which you will find lower down the page, you can CLICK on “BOOK NOW” and then CLICK “PROCEED TO BOOKING BASKET” which is at the bottom of the page.

If you want to book more than one appointment at a time you can do so by clicking on the different appointments you wish to book.


Step 6

If your chosen therapist has no appointment(s) showing or those available do not work for you then use the “SEND MESSAGE” button to send an email to the therapist giving them some days and times that work for you to have an appointment and they will get back to you.

Step 7

Once you have selected an appointment CLICK “PROCEED TO BOOKING BASKET” at the bottom of the screen, you may need to scroll down. Selected appointments will change to Orange. You can select multiple appointments if required.

Step 8

You now have the option of providing your therapist with additional information in the box above the appointment details that will enable you to provide your therapist with further information about yourself and your needs before your appointment. This can help you get the most from your session. You can provide additional information every time you book an appointment.


Step 9

Now choose your preferred appointment type from the drop-down menu. (Video, Audio or Text)


Step 10

Then click CONFIRM.


Step 11

If you have not yet completed your profile you will be asked to provide some further information. Once you have done this click “SAVE AND CONTINUE”.

Step 12

If you are paying for your appointment you will be presented with a pop-up for you to enter your Credit / Debit card details.

If you have an appointment credit you will not be required to enter any payment details.

After clicking “PAY” your payment will be authorised.


Step 13

You will now receive an email acknowledging your provisional booking and it will appear in your Dashboard as “Awaiting Confirmation”


Step 14

Your appointment now needs to be confirmed by your therapist. They should do this within 24 hours at which point you will receive an email confirming the appointment and this will be shown in your Dashboard.

Step 15

The email in Step 14 above will contain full information on how to have your appointment.

30 minutes before your appointment you will receive an email reminder of the appointment that will also contain details of how to have your appointment.