While it would be foolish to state that depression can be cured using a range of natural remedies, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there are a number of more natural approaches you can take to treating your mental health problems that can be beneficial. Depression is often misunderstood with people assuming that a trip to the local doctor’s surgery followed by a prescription of tablets is all you need to rid you of the ailment. However, depression is a complex disorder that requires more than pills to get to the root of the issue and try to combat it in the long term. Take a look at these more natural approaches you can take to try and keep depression at bay.

The most important aspect of combatting depression is your willingness to talk about it. The relief that people with depression feel when they finally open up and share their thoughts and feelings has been well documented and can result in a lessening of tension, fewer anger outbursts, and better sleep patterns. By talking through your emotions and issues, you can quickly come to realize that your situation isn’t as hopeless as you first thought. Bottling up your emotions isn’t healthy and can result in isolation. Make an appointment with a counselor or simply offload to your friends over coffee. They will be willing to listen and be the offloading vessel that you’ve needed for a long time.

Eat Well
It can be all too easy when suffering from depression to slip into a rut of low self-esteem. You may not wash as regularly, you may stay indoors for much of your day, and you may not eat well. Takeaways may become the norm as you don’t feel the impetus or desire to cook healthier food. However, this unhealthy convenience food will make you feel worse as your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Swap the fizzy drink for fruit infused water, banish the chocolate and opt for nuts as a snack instead and scrap the fried food for salad and lean meats. By doing this, you will feel brighter, be more alert and have higher levels of energy to get up, have a shower and venture outdoors.

Be Outside
Feeling the warmth of the sun on your back is pleasant for a reason. It makes you feel good and can give you a healthy glow. By heading outside for a walk and feeling fresh air in your lungs, you may feel nature lifting your mood. Negative thoughts can fall away as you embark on some physical exercise. You may begin to think more optimistically about your life, the challenges you face and the barriers you need to overcome.

Don’t Isolate Yourself
Your friends may be all too aware that something isn’t quite right if you begin to decline invites out or if you’re never available when they call around. You must remember that your friends care about you and only ever want the best for you. As such, utilise this support network. Explain to them that you are feeling a little off key but that you’ll head out with them anyway. By doing this, you are being proactive, refusing to wallow and trying to remember the joys of being social. If heading outdoors is a step too far, invite pals around. This will make you tidy up, get a tad more organised and feel a sense of pride in your appearance and your home.

If you are struggling with your sleeping habits, this will have a negative impact on your mental health. Scrap the technology at least an hour before bed, enjoy a hot bath, read a book and forget the caffeine. By initiating new sleeping habits and trying to forge a new routine in the evenings, you may find your insomnia start to subside. This will lift your mood during the day and help you feel more stable during waking hours. If you can’t sleep, you will find your mind begin to wander to those negative places you don’t want to entertain, so it’s vital that you try to improve your sleeping habits.
While it’s still important to involve professionals and even medication at points when treating depression, it’s also important to couple this with natural approaches. By doing this, you are maximising your chances of keeping your depression at bay and leading a happier and healthier life.

Source: Dr Julian Existing Website feed

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