As with anything, getting the right mental health advice takes time; visiting a GP, being referred to the right specialist for you, and having repeated sessions makes the process as a whole time-consuming. Unfortunately, this often means that mental health issues are neglected, especially when juggling a number of other commitments to work, family and friends, which may interfere with availability. Simply put; it can be difficult to prioritise mental health whilst leading a modern, often hectic, lifestyle.
One major hurdle for those struggling with their mental health is admitting that there is a problem, something which can, in many cases, seem scarier than simply suffering in silence. Despite recent progress, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, making it hard for individuals to talk about their feelings to friends, family, or their local GP for fear of ‘making a fuss’, or not being taken seriously. However, failing to seek help early on only makes things harder, so it is always best to open up – either to somebody close to you, or in confidence to a professional – both are just as courageous.
Lack of Awareness
Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between negative feelings and an underlying mental health issue, and so for many it is hard to know the right time to seek help. For those experiencing symptoms for the first time, it may be difficult to recognise the severity of how they are feeling until it is too late – finding that it can take longer than expected to be seen by a professional. This process may be made easier and more convenient, for clients and healthcare professionals alike, through video therapy – which would ensure that help is always at hand should an individual need it.
Practical barriers
Occasionally, the barriers to seeking advice are not internal, but external instead. Not having reliable transportation, child care issues or appointments that conflict with work/school schedules can mean that people are often forced to suffer alone. It is important that all individuals have access to mental health support if they need it, regardless of how busy their lives are, therefore anything which makes seeking help easier or more convenient is a step towards better mental health for all.
Don’t Know How
Even for those who have found the time and the confidence to seek help, there are usually still a few hoops to jump through. It can be difficult to know where to start when seeking mental health advice, especially if it is the first time, and often people are unsure of what services there are locally for them. Many may struggle to find a professional who suits their needs within a reasonable distance, or at the right time or price – something which may be resolved by having a mobile service (such as Dr Julian), which helps clients to seek out advice, get in touch with experts, and even book in video therapy sessions.

Source: Dr julian

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