1) Find a comfortable pace to sit. On the floor, on the sofa, on a cushion, a chair, back to back with a friend, just not lying down or on your side.
2) Set a timer for 11 minutes with a soft and subtle alarm that won’t shock you at the end.
3) Close your eyes and take five deep breaths. On the inhale, recite to yourself quietly in the mind ‘inhale’. On the exhale, recite to yourself quietly in the mind ‘exhale’. Now you’re off and into the meditation.
4) At times throughout, the mind will wander. That’s ok. Be effortless, let go of control. Don’t hold onto any thoughts and just allow the mind to go wherever it chooses. Time will pass before you know it.
5) When the alarm rings, take five deep breaths. Let the head drop so the eyes are facing into your lap and allow the eyes to open effortlessly as you let the world back in.
6) Sit in the stillness quietly for another few moments.
With our stressful modern lives it would benefit all of our mental wellbeing if we made some time each week for some quiet reflection and meditation.

Source: Dr julian

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