Do you ever wonder about what’s going on inside your body? While you might think you are healthy, with so many reports of dangerous diseases and people dying with virtually no warning it can make you seemingly paranoid about whether there is an issue that you’re just not aware of. Well, while it’s unlikely that you have a serious health condition, it is possible that you have a hidden injury. Left untreated this could impact your quality of life. Or, it could even put your life at risk. So, what are the signs that something is wrong in your body?


Trusting Your Senses

One of the most common signs of an injury that has been undiscovered is an issue with the senses. For instance, if you have a problem hearing, it’s likely that you might be experiencing hearing loss or an issue related to a physical symptom such as wax blocking the ear-canal. But did you know, that an issue with your hearing can also be neurological? It’s true, a problem hearing can be the first warning sign of a neurological condition that may need immediate treatment.

It’s not just your hearing either. If you notice any changes to any of your senses whether it be touch, sight, smell, taste or hearing, you should definitely book an appointment with a doctor. It’s quite possible that there’s more to it than you first think.


Not As Lazy As You Think

Or perhaps as of late, you have found yourself struggling to stay awake. This could once again be a neurological issue and may even be the sign of a traumatic brain injury. This can develop after trauma that has impacted the brain, and you might not even realize it. Perhaps you fell and hit your head. While you felt fine, the injury may have left significant damage. Find out more about this type of injury if you have noticed changes to your levels of energy, particularly if you have recently been involved in an accident. You might need to see a doctor.

A Question Of Pain

You might find that you are, occasionally, experiencing a slight pain somewhere in your body. A natural reaction would be to shake this off or ignore it as another quirk of your body. However, it is important to pay particular attention to the area of that pain. Think about whether you have ever experienced any trauma or had an injury in that area. This could have been a while ago, and it can be years before an injury starts to show painful symptoms. If you do think this might be caused by an old injury, contact a doctor. They should be able to examine your body and figure out what’s going wrong.

A common example of this would be a pain in your lower back that develops after years of lifting heavy items the wrong way.

These are just some of the common signs that you do have an undiscovered injury that may need treatment. If in doubt and something seems strange to do get checked out. It’s often better to be safer than sorry.


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