After researching so much into the most common MH disorders that the UK face, such as Depression or Anxiety; one point keeps hammering home. Alcohol is a seriously influencing factor when it comes to our mental state.
Before you stop reading because you think I’m trying to read your evening drink, please read on:
This may appear obvious but what isn’t so obvious is just how often we casually find ourselves indulging. First things first; I am not demonising alcohol and I’m seriously partial to the odd Guinness or 2 (or 5…..what?) and maybe even a nice whiskey, or a cheeky glass of red wine…actually; hold on…
Is it obvious I’m enduring a dry January yet? Only 10 days in and I’m pondering of what beverage I would choose. That might sound quite bad and I must admit that I am quite shocked at just how difficult it’s been.…and its only 9 days, which comes from someone who actually drinks quite rarely during the week.
But, I chose to partake in dry January because of the pretty instantaneous health benefits you’ll receive. Firstly, whilst researching depression and what could be a potential cause I stumbled upon the importance of sleep, namely ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ (REM). It goes like this…
Drinking alcohol completely ruins our sleep, even a couple of pints effects us which is quite a significant amount less than even a couple of glasses of wine. Essentially, alcohol ruins our ability to achieve REM which is when we achieve our deepest phase of sleep.
Whilst in REM, our body begins to rebuild after a tough day and alcohol directly affects this. If you enjoy a night full of different and separate phases of deep sleep you’ll wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day. After even a couple of naughty pints, you’ll struggle to achieve REM at all and you’ll awake groggy, tired and unrested. Consistent lack of REM repeated over a long period is believed to attribute to the development of depression.
Drink less (alcohol!), sleep more and start feeling better in both body and mind.

Source: Dr julian

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