Feeling stressed can really affect your relationship and as time goes on, it may go on to have a huge effect on your personal life. Don’t worry though, because even though your anxiety may be high, that doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your love life. Once you are able to spot the signs of stress, you can easily take the right steps to prevent it from harming your relationship.
You’re Irritable
If you see everything that your partner does as being irritating then stress may be a factor here. The longer you are under stress, the more argumentative you will be and you may even lash out at your partner as well. This is a clear sign that you are under a lot of stress so the first thing that you need to do is find out what is causing this. For example, if your stress is coming from work then you need to try and limit this, or find an outlet so you can start to deal with that stress.

Your Communication Skills Go Down the Drain
When you are feeling stressed on a huge level then you may lose the ability to practice a good level of communication. For example, instead of blaming your partner for not doing the washing up, try and find out why they haven’t done it, talk to them about who is going to do it and why it needs to be done. This will help you to really find out how your partner feels and it will also boost your own level of communication as well.
Your Relationship is a Flop
If you are feeling as though your entire relationship is a flop then you may be facing a lot of

problems as a result. You can find an interesting article here if you want to learn more about that. When you are stressed, you may even start to see your relationship in a negative light and you may even think that the person who you are with right now is not good for you. This can cause you to feel really negative about the whole situation and you may even start to think about seeing other people. The important thing to remember here is that stress is the reason why you are feeling this way, and once you are able to deal with this stress, your true feelings will come to light. At this point, you will then be able to decide if that is really the way you feel.
So as you can see, stress can have a huge impact on your relationship and you really would be shocked at how easy it is for you to rectify the situation. Communication is a huge thing here, and if you are not able to communicate with your partner about the way that you feel then the whole thing will become much harder for you to deal with. You may want to consider couple’s therapy if things don’t get better, but ultimately, removing the source of the stress is the best way forward.

Source: Dr Julian Existing Website feed

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