Attend online events

Although we have had to physically distance over the last few months and will continue to do so, freshers week is still a great opportunity to make new friends and connect with others. If your university is conducting freshers events online, ensure you make the same effort to get involved as you would if it was face-to-face.


Socialising within your household

The current guidelines for socialising at university this autumn includes limiting your indoor socialising to those in your household, such as your new flatmates if you live in university halls. Spending time in the common areas within your household could help to limit the isolation and loneliness you may feel having just moved away from home and in being limited in the socialising you can conduct outside of your flat.


However, if you find out that you don’t get on with your new flatmates, what can you do?


You can still meet up with new and old friends, just make sure that you meet up outside of your accommodation. It’s also a great idea to continue to use Zoom or Skype to keep connected with friends and family.

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