Today we celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a day that, for most, is filled with joy with gift giving and general festivity. However, Mother’s Day can also be extremely difficult for some people. For those who have lost a mother or for mothers who have lost a child, those who have faced difficulty during motherhood, same sex parents who may face discrimination for raising a family without a traditional mother figure, parents who may have struggled to conceive along with many others . So, on this day, we want to extend a hand to anyone who may be struggling, whether it be related to this holiday or for another reason. At Dr Julian, one of our motos is “you are not alone”. It’s a simple three-word phrase, but it can have so much strength when delivered to someone in need of strength. It’s easy for negative feelings to be amplified on holidays, making the world seem to be an even more dark and scary place, but having someone to walk alongside you and help you through can be a real saving grace. With Dr Julian, the ability to choose when you want to speak to some and do so in the comfort of your own home means that you really aren’t alone. Sometimes making the first move can be scary, and many feel this way, but our team of friendly and qualified therapists are waiting to help you in whatever way you need. Download the app today or create an online account and take the first step towards a happier future.


No matter what your situation, we hope that you have a lovely day.

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