A recent independent evaluation found that the Dr Julian platform not only provides quality mental healthcare, but is also more cost effective than traditional mental healthcare services.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many families and organisations have donated money to NHS charities to help support our health service. It’s widely known that the NHS has struggled heroically to continue to provide free healthcare, whilst also facing harsh cuts to funding and increased demand for much needed services. It’s therefore, important to us to do our part in safeguarding the NHS, by ensuring our services are as cost effective as possible.

Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN recently reviewed the Dr Julian platform and found that per referral, the NHS would have a net financial benefit of £179. With IAPT series receiving just over 1.6 million adult referrals per year, that could result in a staggering £286.4 million saved for the NHS in both cash and non-cash savings,  when compared to traditional models of mental healthcare. The online nature of the platform means that we can provide these financial incentives, while also maintaining high quality therapy with the excellent patient satisfaction that we pride ourselves on.

Dr Julian not only provides a more economical approach to mental healthcare in terms of the NHS alone but the Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN survey also found that social benefits made up 60% of all benefits of using the platform. Social benefits describe the overall benefit to the public including, but not limited to, fewer sick days needed, employee related benefits and improved health and wellbeing. Use of the Dr Julian platform was found to save £275 per referral in social benefits. When multiplied by the average number of referrals per year (1.6 million), the net social benefit would be around £440 million.

These figures are phenomenal and we, as a team, are pleased to be able to share them. With demand for mental health services increasing every year, it’s vital that high quality, yet cost effective solutions are found to ensure services can continue to grow with the ever increasing referrals.

For more information on how to introduce Dr Julian in your NHS trust, get in touch using the contact section on our website.


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