Today is World Mental Health Day. On this day every year, people all over the world aim to highlight important issues surround mental health and attempt to find ways to combat them. While mental health is an issue that needs to be addressed EVERY day, this day unites all those who are fighting for all things mental health related and also shows those who are suffering that they are #notalone .


While mental illness is preventable to some degree, just like any illness it has an element of chance. ANYONE can struggle with their mental health. This is why we at Dr Julian believe that EVERYONE should have access to high quality, reliable mental health care if and when they need it. The Mental Health Foundation agrees, listing easy access to effective mental health care as one of the top protective factors against suicide. Too many lives are lost as a result of mental illness, and we want to do what we can to help care for those battling suicidal thoughts before it’s too late. 


At Dr Julian, we eliminate many of the factors that prevent access to mental health care such as travel time/cost, limited availability, long waiting lists and even allows you to receive therapy from YOUR safe place, making therapy more comfortable and talking through your problems easier.


“After a very difficult couple of years during which I suffered from depression and anxiety due to illness and bereavement, I finally found I could talk to someone.
Even the thought of walking into a doctor’s surgery and speaking to a receptionist would prevent me from seeking help. At last I could talk to someone from the security and comfort of my own home. No feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed in a cold, formal office – just someone I could talk to who understands and will help me work through my feelings.
I confess that I didn’t think that talking to a therapist could help – how wrong was I!
I am so glad that I found the Dr Julian app.”

-Patient Review


We’re passionate about what we do, because we can see how much our service helps people. That’s why we continue to find ways to improve and expand to reach and help as many people as we can. Having partnered with several NHS trusts this year, we’ve received excellent feedback and we hope to continue to collaborate with other trusts to help provide better mental healthcare to those who need it.

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