Why We're Here For You

At Dr Julian our purpose is to put accessible and affordable mental healthcare into the hands of everybody.

Our aim is to create the best online mental healthcare and wellbeing service in the world. We are commissioned by NHS IAPT services to provide mental health support on the NHS. We also work with corporate companies to provide mental health support for their employees.

Why shouldn’t everyone have access to counselling as soon as they need it? They should and that’s exactly what we are all about, the ability to provide support on your terms when you need it.

Dr Julian has brought together a range of highly experienced therapists/psychologists who offer psychological therapy, through on-line video sessions and instantaneous text, that you can have on your phone, tablet or computer whenever and wherever you want.

We provide a secure and caring environment where we listen and treat you as the unique individual that you are, which in turn allows you to focus fully on your health.

Our therapists are able to help with virtually all mental health issues including many complex issues in which some of our therapists specialize.

We do not operate a subscription service and you choose to book an appointment whenever you decide that it will be of benefit to you. There is no pressure upon you to book again and again. This is literally a service built for you. You may have hit a bad patch, feel confused or anxious and want to dip in and dip out. That's entirely up to you. It's truly a pay as you go service.

Using video as a means of delivering mental health solutions is relatively new however a number of studies have shown that video online therapy is as effective as traditional face to face therapy (Chakrabarti S 2015) and can deliver a better patient experience.

Our service allows you to choose the therapist that best meets your needs by using a series of filters together with detailed biographies of the therapists, their qualifications and memberships of professional bodies all of which we have checked.  The price for an appointment is determined by the skills level and experience of our therapists and is clearly shown on their profiles and when you come to pay.

You're bound to have a few questions so here's some information you may find useful to give you the confidence to book an appointment.

Our Therapists

All our therapists have a minimum of two years clinical experience and have been fully vetted. We ensure that they are properly qualified and regularly supervised. In addition they are all personally interviewed.

Most of our therapists are experienced in dealing with the more common conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. In addition many of them have developed expertise in specialist areas and these can be found by using the selection filters when booking an appointment.

Our therapists can help you using a number of different therapy types. More details of these can be found on our Therapy Types page.

If you are concerned about choosing the right therapist yourself we do offer a service that will help you make a good choice. Please email info@dr-julian.com for further information.


Standards and Ethics

The first thing you should know is that Dr Julian is designed to provide the most secure and confidential service to our users. Our therapists follow their recognised professional bodies code of ethics and their professional qualifications and insurance have been thoroughly checked by Dr Julian.


The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy has the potential to be a hugely positive influence on your life. It provides the opportunity to take control of your negative issues and explore the means of addressing them. We all suffer from difficulties in our life from time to time and depending on the therapy type the benefits can be wide ranging. These can include the means to help yourself in the future, dealing with a difficult situation at a given point in time or finding relief from issues such as Anxiety and depression.

The primary benefit of online therapy is the ability to have your sessions when you want them and from wherever you feel most comfortable. This means there's no travelling, no waiting and no extra stress involved in attending unfamiliar locations.

Booking an Appointment

 Dr Julian is really simple to use:

  1. Login/Register to our web app or download and register on our iPhone app.
  2. Use our match me filters of issue, language, therapy type and date/time to find the right therapist for you by reviewing their biographies.
  3. Book using their calendar of availability or message them for an appointment at a time convenient to you. Select video, audio or text. Pay using our secure payment system or if an NHS/ Corporate patient then simply book your allocated appointment.
  4. Your therapist will confirm your appointment and you then have the appointment through our web app on your computer/laptop, tablet or phone.
  5. Booking can be the same day if that is what you want. It really is instant in that respect
  6. You are now ready to go.
  7. Log in to your account on the web app and your therapist will call you at the time of the appointment and you simply answer the call on your dashboard.

Free Assessments

We offer a free assessment feature where you are able to complete depression and anxiety questionnaires that can be used to assess your level of anxiety and depression. These are standard questionnaires that are used in the NHS.


Trust in your therapist and the security of the information we keep about you is critically important. At the core of all we do is confidentiality. We hold all your information in a secure platform and do NOT record any of your therapist conversations. We do however keep a record of your session for continuity purposes for your therapist.

There are very few situations in which confidentiality would need to be broken and in most cases you would be in control of that decision. There are exceptions however when it is believed that you or a third party could be at risk of serious harm. You can find more detail about this in our Privacy Policy.

Your First Therapy Session

Your first session gives you the opportunity to get to know your therapist, to establish what you are looking to gain from your therapy and to decide if they are right for you.

We suggest that before this session that you jot down your thoughts and issues so that you have something to refer to. During the session feel free to ask as many questions of the therapist as you like so that you can clarify any concerns you may have.

Shortly before each appointment we will email you with our recommendations of how best to set yourself up for the appointment.


Your Dashboard

When you register with us you will have access to a personal dashboard in which all details of your assessments and appointments will be securely stored. Any written communication between you and your therapist will also be stored here, including instantaneous text appointments, thus giving you a permanent record of any advice/guidance given for future reference.

Children and Young People

At the present time Dr Julian is only available to those over the age of 18 years.

Further Information

If you would like further information and you cannot find it here or in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page please email us at info@dr-julian.com with your phone number or email address and we will get back to you.


  1. Usefulness of tele psychiatry: A critical evaluation of videoconferencing-based approaches’ Chakrabarti S. (2015)

Our Founder - DR JULIAN

Dr Julian Nesbitt - Chief Executive & Founder

I have been interested in mental healthcare since my schooldays. To me there is nothing more interesting than how the brain and mind functions. I have seen first hand the difficulties that people face with mental health problems and through my years of experience have seen an increasing number of people suffering with these issues.

Working in Accident and Emergency I was on the front line, where people are at their most vulnerable with many having just tried to end their lives. A large number told me they had ended up in this situation as they were unable to access prior help. Working in GP surgeries and in secondary psychiatric units I have also seen how the current provisions and funding given to mental health are inadequate.

Having waiting lists of 6 weeks or even longer for a therapy session is inappropriate and therefore I have made it my mission to try and provide quality therapy and mental healthcare in an accessible form. I have seen the likes of UBER® transform the taxi market by utilizing technology and I wanted to bring technology to the forefront of mental health care and therapy by making it more widely available.

There is already high quality evidence proving that online video technology works for mental healthcare. I therefore set up Dr Julian with the aim of bringing therapy into people’s homes and to give them the convenience of having an appointment with whoever they want, when they want and where they want.

We believe in improving accessibility for mental healthcare and wellbeing in the UK.

Dr Julian