General FAQs

What is Dr Julian?

Dr Julian is an innovative mental health and wellbeing platform that aims to increase accessibility to mental healthcare in the UK. We connect you to mental healthcare professionals, including psychotherapists/counsellors/ psychologists, by secure video/audio/text link from your computer/ tablet or phone. Our platform lets you book appointments with a variety of therapists and filter who you would like to see via language/therapy type/issue/date and time.

Is Dr Julian Right for me?

Dr Julian may be the right solution for you if you would like to improve the quality of your life. If you have issues that are interfering with your happiness or creating barriers to achieving your goals we are here to help. We have therapists who can treat a wide range of conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, bereavement, obsessions and compulsions, eating, sleeping, anger, grief, self-esteem, family management, trauma, psychosis post-traumatic stress and many more.

We have healthcare professionals who can help in the specialist areas of psychosexual and relationship issues, LGBT matters, body dysmorphic disorder, mental health issues with diabetes/ chronic conditions such as medically unexplained symptoms, pain and many others.

When is Dr Julian NOT right for me?

• If you are in an emergency or severe crisis situation - You should call 999 or your crisis team if you have one.
• You are undergoing an acute psychosis.
• You have a severe mental illness and you are going through a flare up of this that is being managed by specialist teams outside of Dr Julian.

What Technology do I need to connect to Dr Julian?

You will need a phone, tablet or computer and have a good internet connection, 4G is recommended. 3G may cause interruption.

We currently offer our service through:-
1. A free Web App through our web site which can be used on all computers/ tablets and phones and
2. A free App on the Apple App Store for iOS devices ie iPhone, iPad

What are the Free Assessments?

Our Free Assessments use standard and validated questionnaires used within the NHS for assessing depression and anxiety. These questionnaires assess the severity of these conditions. If you use our Web App and register for a secure free account you will be able to store these assessment results and track your condition over time

How long is my appointment?

Appointments on the Dr Julian platform normally scheduled for one hour. This includes a minimum of 50 minutes of talking time with your healthcare professional and 10 minutes for the professional to record the notes from your appointment. We may at times have appointments of different durations such as 30 minutes, with pro-rata talking time, but the length of the appointment and price will always be visible when you book an appointment.

What does it Cost?

Appointments cost either £45, £60 or £100/ hour session. The cost depends on the level of experience and qualifications of the therapists.

As a general guide £45 appointments are with diploma level therapists who have at least 2 years clinical experience, £60 appointments are with post masters level therapists who have at least 3 years clinical experience and £100 appointments are with post doctorate level clinical psychologists or highly specialist psychotherapists. In general using Dr Julian you are getting better value as many therapists charge a higher rate for their own private practices.

When do I pay for my Appointment?

When you book an appointment you will be asked to provide your card payment details however your payment will not normally be taken until the therapist has confirmed the appointment with you. The only exception is when your payment card provider does not permit delayed processing.

How do I select a suitable therapist for my needs?

All our therapists are trained to deal with the most common issues. On our Web App we are able to match you to the most appropriate therapist for your issue. You do this by using the filters. You can filter by language, therapy type and issue you need help with as well as date and time.

When clicking on a therapist you can read their biography and qualifications before booking any appointments. The biography will also outline their specialisms, experience and any particular areas of expertise.

We recommend, if you are not sure about selecting the right therapist for you, that you message your chosen therapist before booking an appointment by clicking the “message” button on their profile. On the iOS app we are unable to match you using filters and you can only read the therapists biography and select a date for the therapists that are available on that date.

If you are still uncertain about selecting the right therapist we can assist you in selecting a suitable therapist for your needs. We offer a 30 minute appointment for £40 with one of our most experienced therapists who will explore your needs and suggest three therapists that meet your requirements from which to choose. Please email us if you require this help to

You can find a lot of information about the different issues and therapies available on our website. If you have a special requirement that is not covered please email and we will endeavour to assist you.

What if none of the therapy time slots work for me?

If there are no time slots or particular therapists available with whom you would like to have an appointment, please message your chosen therapist by clicking the “message” button on the therapist’s profile. You will then be able to arrange a convenient time for both of you following which the therapist will upload that availability which you will then need to book. This feature is not available on the iOS Apple app.

I’m worried about privacy?

Dr Julian takes your privacy extremely seriously and we have a detailed, privacy notice and cookie policy that complies with the Data protection Act 2018 and explains how we handle your data and your rights in relation to it. You can find these documents on our website.

We do not record any of your appointments.

We use SSL end-to-end encryption for your security.

We do not keep any of your payment card details on our systems.

If you choose to create an account you will choose a secure password to access it.

We are registered with the Data Protection Office (ICO) reference number: ZA201584.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Your sensitive card details are encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer technology) before transmission to our secure payment service provider Stripe. Your card details will never be stored on our servers.

What happens if my appointment over-runs?

For one hour appointments your therapist is committing an hour to you. This allows for no less than 50 minutes of contact time (providing you start your appointment on time) and 10 minutes of admin and note writing time for your therapist. Notes form an important part of your medical record for future appointments. If for whatever reason your contact time exceeds 50 minutes you will not be charged but it cannot exceed 60 minutes. For appointments that are 30 minutes this would break down to no less than 25 minutes of contact time and 5 minutes of note writing/ administration time.

How do I book repeat and/or regular appointments?

If you want to book a further appointment with your therapist you can agree a date and time for a future appointment with them during your appointment. They will then update their availability on the Web App to make that time available to you and at the end of your appointment you MUST book and pay for that time slot immediately to secure it. You may book multiple appointment slots at the same time on the Web App by selecting several appointments before proceeding to payment.

How often do I need to see my therapist?

The frequency of sessions will depend on the therapy you choose to receive as well as your personal needs. Your therapist will discuss with you how often they believe you should have a session in order to provide maximum benefit. Many people will choose to have a session once a week however there is no obligation to take any specific number of sessions. It is entirely down to you to choose how many you wish to have and how often.

Is there a set amount of sessions that would be most beneficial?

The number of sessions you have will depend on your personal situation and the type of therapy you choose to receive. Your therapist will discuss this with you. Many people will need between six and eight sessions for a course of CBT therapy. Other therapies may require fewer or more sessions. You can end your course of therapy whenever you feel it is necessary, but it is strongly encouraged that you discuss your wish to end your therapy sessions with your therapist first so you can bring matters to a satisfactory closure.

Are my appointments recorded?

We do not record any therapy sessions. They are strictly confidential between you and your therapist. Notes will however be recorded about your session by your professional and details of text appointments will be stored in your account so you can access them at any time.

Are my appointments with the therapist confidential?

All the information that is discussed in an appointment with Dr Julian is completely confidential between you and your therapist. Each therapist abides by their professional bodies ethical and confidentiality code. In exceptional circumstances a therapist may need to share some information where there is a legal requirement to do so or with another professional, such as your GP, for example or if there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or to others. Your information will normally only be shared with your permission.

Your therapist will make clinical notes of your appointment. If you were to book an appointment with a different therapist then your clinical notes will be made available to your new therapist to assist with your on-going treatment.

If your treatment has been paid for directly or indirectly by the NHS then your clinical notes and other information will be shared with them.

Your notes may be reviewed confidentially by select qualified Dr Julian professionals for auditing and quality evaluation purposes.

For further information please read our Privacy Notice which you can find on our website.

Will my employer be told I have had an appointment?

If your treatment has been paid for by your employer we will NOT share any information with them including the fact that you have had an appointment unless you have requested that we do so.

How do I know if I need therapy?

Therapy is suitable for and can be beneficial to anyone who is in need of talking to someone. People who need therapy come from a wide range of situations and backgrounds, and they have a wide variety of issues.

No problem is too small for therapy. If you are feeling stressed out, have a challenge you would like help with overcoming, or if you just want to have a chat with someone and get something off your chest, then therapy could be right for you.

Is video online therapy effective?

Video online therapy has been proven to work just as well, and in some cases better, than traditional, face-to-face therapy. Large review articles such as ‘Usefulness of telephsychiatry: A critical evaluation of videoconferencing-based approaches. Charkrabarti (2015)’ have shown equivalent clinical effectiveness in over 200 trials at the highest levels of medical evidence. Patient satisfaction was frequently reported as higher in the online therapy groups.

What are the benefits of video online therapy?

With traditional therapy from organisations like the NHS, a therapist is allocated to you or you are assigned to a long waiting list. When you use Dr Julian, either as a private, NHS or corporate patient you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of specialists who can see you quickly and without the need to add the stresses of travel and parking.

Perhaps more importantly you can have your appointment in the comfort of a location of your choosing including your home. You can also continue to have your therapy whilst travelling on business or whilst on holiday. You can also have your therapy session at any time of the day including evenings and weekends (subject to your therapist's availability) – perfect for those with a busy work schedule.

What sort of therapy do you offer?

Finding the right therapist and the correct type of therapy to match your needs is the most important element when choosing a therapy service. Depending on your individual needs, we have a wide variety of therapists offering multiple therapy types. Please see our therapies page for more information. You can filter our therapists by your needs including language, therapy type, issue you need help with and date/time. This helps you to find the right therapist for your needs.

Are all therapies the same?

Not all therapies are the same, but they do have similarities. All therapies should make you feel that you are supported and help you to make sense of your individual circumstances. By the end of any therapy, you should feel that you are better equipped to cope with the future.

Each type of therapy is designed to help a different set of needs, so therapies will differ from each other in certain ways. Psychodynamic therapy concentrates on talking about your past, whereas other therapies may choose to focus on the present or even the future. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) often involves ‘homework’ for you to do. Some therapies, like mindfulness therapy, are more spiritual.

Please see the therapies page on our web site for more information.

How many people get counselling/therapy?

There are currently no statistics available on how many people receive therapy in the UK. However, it is clear that a growing number of people are seeking therapy. Research shows that 1 in 4 British adults will suffer with a mental health problem at some stage in their life, so it is increasingly common to experience some sort of difficulty that can be helped by therapy.

In the past year more than 1.4 Million people have been referred for counselling by the NHS alone.

Are Dr Julian Therapists professionally qualified?

We have a strict recruitment policy for our therapists. Every therapist is carefully selected and interviewed by Dr Julian. They are all highly experienced with a minimum of 2 years clinical experience and they must provide evidence of counselling therapy or psychotherapy qualifications to diploma level or higher for masters and doctorate level therapists. They must also have up-to-date professional indemnity insurance and an up to date CRB check. All our therapists also have either had or are having online training.

What if I am not happy with my first appointment?

If you are paying for your appointment and did not find the right therapist first time, we will offer you the opportunity to book a reduced price session with another therapist at the same price level. Email us at with the details of your first session within 7 days of your initial appointment and we will refund you 25% of the second appointments price if it is booked within 14 days of your original appointment. The refund will be made after the second appointment has been completed.

What do I do if I am unhappy with the service I have received?

If you feel you have a complaint about the way your therapist is working with you, we would recommend in the first instance that you try to resolve it with the therapist themselves. If that doesn't work then the next stage would be for you to contact our Director of Psychotherapy Services at and send a short summary of the problem. The Director of Psychotherapy Services will meet with you online in an attempt to resolve the issue. Failing that, the last resort is for you to contact the Professional Membership body of your therapist and make a formal complaint at that level. All our therapists are members of a Professional Membership Body and this information is included within their profile.

Can I use this service even if I am not based in the UK?

Our service can be used from wherever you are in the world, the exception being ,if you are a USA or Canadian citizen where, due to their laws, we are unable to work with clients located in those jurisdictions.

The system will automatically update for the time zone you are in and match this with the therapists time zone.

How old do you need to be to have therapy with Dr Julian?

We currently only offer our service to those of 18 years of age or older. We will shortly be reducing this to 13 years of age, for which there are special safeguards, and these FAQ will be updated when that change takes place.